'…therefore, we can blow helium balloon'

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This is something i’ve been wondering about for the LONGEST time! I was like – are these things for real? it would be cool if they were like the size of Frisbees! Records! CDs at least mmmm giant chocolate in a candy shell… but no… not at all, here’s a review. Aw nuts.

I made it through another work day. Tonight I think we’ll get a christmas tree. As previously mentioned, it cannot be a real one so we’re gonna have to stake out a nice piece o’ plastic. I feel like going for a walk although it’ll be mighty cold. I really have grown to love the West End. As soon as you enter from Robson, hit Haro and keep going…(or coming from the other side) all the noise of the city fades away. you can hear a dog bark, a bird whistle, wind rustling through the trees, squirrels laughing…Singing…PLAYING… *sigh* but I digress.

It’s home to some pretty great food as well. I think we were going to try and cook tonight (again ee!) but with places like Banana Leaf and Poncho’s and fish and chips and the ‘meat on the stick’ joint (near laura’s) and the vietnamese place near us and the gyoza place and the Guu (with garlic) place…and that indian food place and and…yeah…it’ll be tough to go home with an empty belly.
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