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and this happy little fellow is called the gouger

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i just went to the dentist for the first time in about ohh… 2 years. my old dentist wasn’t the best – she used outdated techniques and it was painful and not nice. the new dentist (which i found just because it’s so close to my house) seems super fantastic. i went in this morning […]

Captain Crunch was here

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in other happy news…laura just sent this to me and made my afternoon. it could be that i’ve had no coffee at all today and i’m currently sucking on a truffle (oh my) but we couldn’t stop giggling Featuring such artists as Ben Folds Laundry, Gwen Stefunny and Dave Mathshoes…too cute. Other things to […]

you will find true love on flag day

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john went wiki-crazy last night. he discovered that the skytrain has ‘…become the world’s longest automated light rapid transit system utilizing the world’s longest transit-only bridge…’ fascinating. on one of his first trips on the skytrain he commented about there being no driver and how that would ‘never fly’ in the states. aside from safety […]

wake up in the morning, gotta shake this feeling

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Fun times. I’ve decided to organize my pics a lil better on Flickr. Went out for Jen’s bday on Saturday night. Everyone met at our house for margaritas before hand and we ended up watching Alexander – not the best movie but it suited as background noise while we gathered. It was a good night, […]

blowing all the other kids away

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got my eyebrows threaded today…. yipes! the redness has gone down a bit now but they’re all greasy from all the lotion i put on them. 5 bucks – not bad – but my sis only pays like 3 at the place she goes in Surrey. ive had my brows waxed before, not sure which […]