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whatchu talkin' about – everybody

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Hockey: more canucks have been named to various national teams for the 2006 Olympics. tonight the Flames are in town – puck drops at 7:00pm. Chocolate: there are few things less annoying than a box of delicious purdy’s chocolates with NO map. people get lost, confused, frazzled and puzzled. do they take a random chocolate […]

a broken record, a head full of yesterdays

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MSNBC’s photos of the year, Readers’ Choice and Editors’ Choice. The COC has approved the Team Canada olympic men’s hockey roster – there was a bit of speculation re: Bertuzzi but it seems as though the past is the past. “See the poster that won the Hockey Day in Canada contest. The winning team will […]

where players dash, with skates aflash

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Hockey Day in Canada is January 7th, 2006. Check out the link for all the resources you would need to properly celebrate a Hockey Day (including a Canucks game vs Calgary) and a link to the Hockey Night in Canada theme song for you to play over and over and over again. And now for […]

i'm the velvetest guy in the USA

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beyond robson had a post about a man you’ll see on the streets of vancouver. i’ve seen him before, and he is a fixture around here. it’s just strange to see a write up about him on a blog…although it’s a pretty good one… now i’m not much of a baseball fan, but i lived […]

i'd sooner sell half the forum

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Thanks to…The Vancouverite who linked to Gawker who linked to You Tube… I’ve got my mitts on the “Lazy Sunday” vid from SNL that I mentioned yesterday. Click to watch 🙂 I feel sorry for the 24 Hours and Metro folks out there. They’re standing on corners for hours handing out free papers in the […]