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the Canucks beat the Rangers last night on the crappy-dimly-lit ice in MSG. Bertuzzi had 17 penalty mins – eep! The Sedins showed up again and Cooke played wonderfully. I missed Cookie. as reported yesterday, Cloutier is out for the rest of the regular season *sigh* go figure… so what, are we going to grab up Luongo? Everyone who’s anyone is denying a) that there’s a problem b) that there’s a trade in the works or a need for one… I believe Auld is just find and dandy on his own but really, we DO need backup…we DO need reliable goaltending. it’s always been a problem in Vancouver. At one point last season we reflected on who ‘used’ to be a goalie for vancouver (and sucked it up here) then went on to become the starting netminder for other teams in the NHL, doing absolutely fantastic. Lest we forget the whole Felix Potvin fiasco of the 90s…
I’ve probably already commented on this but it came up again recently and it’s just weird. why on earth would they rename the RAV line the Canada line? I understand it’ll be for the olympics, linking Richmond to the Airport and Vancouver – but why not something more west coast? Pacific line or something… ‘RAV line’ as a name is fine with me… I guess it’s just about as controversial as the Inukshuk (Illanaaq) being chosen as the logo for the 2010 Olympics. It’s more national than a regional. but i think that’s what they’re trying to get at/accomplish with these games.

Chris just sent me the trailer for DaVinci code — ooh!

oh and lastly, you can go here (as i did this morning) to check out your riding and constituents for the upcoming election. Don’t forget to watch the Leaders’ debate on Friday – fun times.


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