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I’ll start off with… the Apprentice finale last night. Randal walked away with the ultimate job and didn’t take anyone along on his victory lap. some say it was ruthless, heartless – others think his decision to not refer Rebecca for a job as well was a great business move, showing that he actually was the right person to chose for the Trump organization. I can’t really say I supported Randal all along, no one really stuck out as the best candidate. If you ask me, I think my sister should apply, she’s a shoe-in. Although of ANY reality TV show, she’d have the best chance (and the best time) with me on the Amazing Race – alas, they don’t allow Canadians to compete.
The game vs Philly last night – Carter with 2 goals, the Brothers line combined for 8 pts and Hank Sedin had 3 assists. It’s really great to have such an outstanding 2nd line.

Some people in my office are really great. Greig is like an office Dad. He just sent this Christmas Tree Layout (which looks like a survey plan) to everyone and it clogged all our inboxes and crashed our programs – we are in need of new puters and a new setup around here.
We watched the game before we went out to get a) tequilla b) jiffy pop c) a christmas tree. Came home, made margaritas, popped some popcorn and decorated the tree. I am still pretty bummed that we can’t have a real tree but this one will do just fine. We’ve put lights on Oskar (the plant Tanya gave me as a housewarming gift that was later named by Russ). Remind me to get red LED lights on my lunch break.

Tomorrow we’re doing a lil favour for my mom. She’s coming downtown to have her office Christmas party at Le Crocodile. Since that’s just up the street form our house she’s going to come by and we’ll be her valet so she can park her car for free at our place. My mom’s such a great lady, so very supportive. I wish I could do more for her than offer to park her car…

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