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Thanks to…The Vancouverite who linked to Gawker who linked to You Tube… I’ve got my mitts on the “Lazy Sunday” vid from SNL that I mentioned yesterday. Click to watch 🙂
I feel sorry for the 24 Hours and Metro folks out there. They’re standing on corners for hours handing out free papers in the rain, sleet or snow. When it’s raining they have to hold an umbrella so they just have the papers in one arm, offering them to you…balancing delicately on that free arm… they need a lil patio umby or like them umbrella hats, ya know? Stylin’. And what’s with the guy who came into my building and shook out his umbrella on the carpet at the entrance 😐
I have no idea what some people are thinking….

The game last night wasn’t the best… it went to a shootout and we lost, not getting a single shot past Garon. JR was playing like he had a rocket up his butt – could have been fueled by the fact that he was left off Team USA for the olympics. The Canucks seemed to completely break down during the penalty kill and even giving up chances when THEY were on the powerplay. Although the Brothers line combined for some points, Hank’s 7 game scoring streak ended.

Predictions are in for who will make Canada’s olympic team – the announcement will be made Wednesday @ 2:00pm PT in Vancouver.

Also, as reported last night, unfortunately, Gretzky’s mother has passed away. It makes me think of many things… she had lung cancer, she was a mother, she was Canadian and apparently never even really liked hockey that much – she just wanted her kids to be happy. Hockey in Canada is much more than just a sport. It’s a legacy, it’s a part of our national history and identity. For some reason while writing this I thought of the story – The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier. You can wiki it, you can look it up on Amazon, it’s a great little story and worth checking out.

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