i thought it less like a lake and more like a moat

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So the Canucks are on a 5-game losing streak. They are doing extremely poorly against the Alberta teams and have tarnished their excellent home record. Tonight vs Nashville Crawford’s shuffling things around. Bumping up Ruutu and Morrison is moving down 2 lines to join up with Cooke and Park. Nashville is currently on a 6-game win streak.
Other than not-so-happy hockey news..the last few days have been a bit trying, health-wise. My family had been passing around a 24 hour flu bug and i finally caught it on monday/boxing day. I wasn’t 100% yesterday but i was doing a lot better than John, who caught it Tuesday as well. hopefully he’ll be able to get on his feet today – or by the end of the week – since we have plans for people coming over New Years Eve. That, and it isn’t fun to be sick at all.

As for me, I’m back at work this morning. I opted to help out on the stat holiday (January 2nd) so in lieu of that day off I have my entire birthday off (the following monday). It shouldn’t be too bad considering I’m just doing a 5 hour shift on the 2nd.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday – that you’re all healthy and well. I apologize to all John’s nieces and nephews who feel as though Canada has stolen their Uncle John, he’ll be back there soon enough – just hope you don’t mind if I’m there with him – and I swear, besides this whole flu thing – we’re taking very good care of him 🙂
I’ll be sure to write more during the day since it’s bound to be VERY slow and boring. But in the meantime I’ll leave with a few bits of (local) news….

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