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i didn’t think i would be blogging this weekend but i have to get this off my chest – so sorry to get anyone down about this but here it goes…

everyone is talking about Bertuzzi being on the olympic team and how outraged they are – how that’s not what canadian hockey is about and he’s a criminal and YADA YADA…. but um…I’ve barely heard ONE person (in all the articles I’ve read or all the podcasts I’ve listened to) mention Dany Heatley.

Does no one remember him being convicted of vehicular homicide?
Does no one remember Dan Snyder – the TEAMMATE he KILLED?
I don’t have a problem with Heatley being on the team – he’s a wicked player — but i will defend Bertuzzi if anyone is going to bring up the Moore incident. Just because it was on the ice, shouldn’t make it any different – one player’s career is over, the other’s LIFE is over

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