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So some people may have been a lil harsh on Cloutier but I still stand by my statements… not sure what they were really… but here’s some entertaining shame from the Canucks OpEd blog. Canucks are playing Philly right now…

I’m not really up for posting much of an entry today. Work was uneventful, busy at times, slow at others. Ate some cookies…talked about Martha and Top Model Reunion last night… seriously a chick on Top Model said aloud “and i was like omg”… she SAID o-m-g. That’s annoying, why not just follow it up by all the other girls saying “L-O-L”.

I don’t want dinner, I filled up with crap-food today…and John from work brought in almond roca, homemade turtles and shortbread. i’m already feeling gross and full of badness and we aren’t even half way through the christmas season. Laura has tomorrow off so she’s going to meet me after work so we can christmas shop a little. probably just in pacific centre since it’s a minimum travel distance from the office and Robson just makes you want to chew your own hands off and spit them out at the hundreds of stupid slow walking oblivious shopper-loiter people.

oh…and then we’re then going to meet up with some other people and catch Narnia. I remember reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in grade 3. our teacher brought in turkish delight for us to snack on.. um.. that stuff is nasty. big turk.

That said – i’m going back to the couch to watch the game. i need sleep and water.

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