Captain Crunch was here

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in other happy news…laura just sent this to me and made my afternoon. it could be that i’ve had no coffee at all today and i’m currently sucking on a truffle (oh my) but we couldn’t stop giggling Featuring such artists as Ben Folds Laundry, Gwen Stefunny and Dave Mathshoes…too cute.

Other things to do when bored at work? Addicting Games, including iSketch. Then there’s always (which may be offensive to some, but otherwise pretty funny) and The Onion, And if all else fails check out the links on the sidebar of your favourite blog perhaps a Vancouver blog… by some cool chick…ahem…and if you’re still bored after that – download a podcast or ten. I think I’m going to browse Google News, check out what concerts are coming to town, and wait for laura to get back with popcorn.

Edit: Clouts is out for > 4 months!

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