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got my eyebrows threaded today…. yipes! the redness has gone down a bit now but they’re all greasy from all the lotion i put on them. 5 bucks – not bad – but my sis only pays like 3 at the place she goes in Surrey. ive had my brows waxed before, not sure which is more painful – i still don’t even understand HOW they do the threading…
i just made a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies. num! i didn’t realize but the recipe was for 4 dozen so it looks as though once this second batch (that’s in the oven right now) is done, i’ll have at least another. jen’s coming over in a bit and we’re going to have some margaritas and head over to Balthazaar for some tapas and martinis. i called for reservations and they’re all booked up so if we have no luck there we’ll head somewhere else in the west end/english bay.
and of COURSE i have to mention the game last night. John Shorthouse called it yesterday morning on the FOX – he said it’ll go to a shootout and it did. Fantastic. My guy is a big Hasek fan (being that he’s an ex-goalie) he says “he’s NOT human!” – but man did Auld ever perform! The entire team was working, the game was playoff calibre and full of excitement. At one point during the shootout i looked out the window onto Robson and there was a crowd down on the street that had gathered outside a restaurant that was showing the game. The city is totally behind this team – and it feels great. Much respect to Ottawa (and even Heatley) but i’m discovering an appreciation for the Sedins. Whatever it is that we did last night (scoring first in the game, showing up to play with heart, fighting like hell) we need to do more of it – especially on the road.

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