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Caught wind of this Daily Show headline on the Globe and Mail site last night – couldnt get a bigger pic, not from lack of trying, okay well i just lost interest…. hehe….and while wandering around the office this afternoon i saw the cover of the National Post and there’s Paul Martin — in cookie form! I’m so jealous…mm cookie form.

Is it just me (and I really don’t think it is) or is Stephen Harper like the creepiest dude…he looks like the news anchor they had on early Simpsons episodes before Kent Brockman….you remember that guy…right?

in other news, canucks won last night – they actually produced in the 1st period for the first time in ages. clouts is totally out with a knee injury (boo hoo……hoo *cough*) and we’re still waiting for Cookie to come back….

the Thornton deal is rockin the hockey world. Boston trades away their franchise player yesterday for 3 guys from the Sharks. San Hoser is pretty lucky but it’s gotta mess up your dynamic a lil losing 3 guys like that… and must put a mighty big dent in the wallet. i read that Boston is actually gonna make back some money on the deal (about 1.5 mil) by swapping Joe. So we’ll see how that all pans out. I heard on CFox this morning – they asked John Shorthouse if there was ever any chance of Thornton coming to Vancouver and …really… no. Just the matter of cash flow and they were only in talks with San Hoser – Joe didn’t even know about it til last minute.

Boston fans must be going nuts. I remember going to games there – their fans were the MOST critical of their OWN team – they were down 5-4 at the end of the third and people were gettin up and leaving with 5 mins to go… come on! :p At any rate, it’s always fun to hear about shake-ups like this. I wonder how Federov is doing in Ohio…

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