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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 — 11:41am PDT
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News all over Canada today. Being born and raised in another part of the lower mainland I’m going to have to get myself used to (and familiar with) the MPs and local government around here. ‘Back Home’ when a Federal election was called we always looked to see if Chuck Cadman was running. Unfortunately, I don’t live there anymore and unfortunately (for constituents, family and friends) Chuck Cadman won’t be on the ballot.

So I have a little bit of research to do…with our system you vote for the local candidate that you prefer but what if they’re representing a party that you do not want to see strongly represented in Ottawa? Or…what if the candidate for the party you prefer, is a complete moron?

Sometimes it seems as though Western Canada barely matters in elections, i.e. Saskatchewan and head west to the Pacific – because Ontario and Quebec usually have the bulk of the say (and the population). But don’t fret, give up hope, not even bother voting… it’s still worth a shot, it’s still your voice, your two cents, your part….

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  1. […] 2005 Chuck Cadman passed away due to the skin cancer that he had been battling for two years. When I heard the news I […]

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