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Thursday, November 24th, 2005 — 10:57am PDT
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i have to write a play today. it being Thanksgiving in America (and all the stock markets there are closed) our work load has slowed to barely a crawl…so now I have time to write a play. i think i just managed to do it, we’ll see, i’ve sent it off to my mom for approval. the christmas concert is only a few weeks away and the children have only been practicing songs. they need something more theatrical and play-like to perform.

when i was living in boston my mom was telling me about the play the kids were doing back home. my niece alexis was in it. i was like ‘is she an angel? a shepherd? mary? a wise man? none of the above. she was ‘the mexican’. :-\ interesting… i’ll never forget the time she was mary though, there was a lil boy about her age (4 at the time) who was joseph. and the whole time on stage they couldnt stop fidgeting. she would try to sit still and he’d be tugging at her shirt or bugging her, she finally just let him have it. it wasn’t so much a of ‘silent night’ but it had great entertainment value :p

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