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Sunday, November 20th, 2005 — 9:43am PDT
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ghostly presences, peanuts in bed, santa claus driving a convertible red caddy with a big floofy puppy riding shotgun and a city bus being pulled over by the police. ahh victoria! there was actually quite a bit going on in the city. missed the Santa Claus parade in Vancouver but there was one down Douglas street Saturday night.

It’s so foggy in Vancouver right now (check out any of the webcams listed in the link section). It has been this way since Saturday morning. It was pretty spooky taking the Ghostly Walk through downtown amidst the fog…it was even more spooky riding the ferry. walking out onto the deck was an experience – it was so pitch black in the evening and fog was everywhere. you couldnt tell if we were sailing on the ocean or floating around on a cloud above the earth.

i think i came away with a cold – walking around for hours every day in the chilly weather might have done it, combined with all the sweets and goodies i’ve consumed over the past few days…my throat is feeling pretty gross. (Just thought I would share :p) Although nothing will stop me from attending the Canucks game tuesday. My first game of the season (so also, first game in over a year). They’re playing the Blackhawks, which could prove to be interesting…(cough) as long as they keep Auld in net (cough)…Anyhoo, Canucks are in for a great season. I say keep your eye on Park. I think I kinda like that guy.

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