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SNOW! (check out the cams in the links section for a good, current, snow-y view or this is a site I just found: Vancouver Snow)

I’ve had a wonderful weekend a rocky Monday and now it’s a snowy Tuesday. On Saturday I had the family over for a house-warming of sorts. It went really well. Lots of loved ones and food. Unforutnately since coming back from Victoria I’ve had a bit of a cold, which really caught up with me Sunday and yesterday. I took my first sick day in I think I’ve only taken like 2 during my entire professional career. Got out to see Harry Potter sunday night though and watched a LOT of Sportsnight. Watched another good movie yesterday and finished off all the leftover veggies and cheeses and crackers and misc. salads from Saturday’s hoopla.

I’m a lil annoyed with the bus system but then again, who isn’t. 3 FULL buses passed by everyone at my stop today, I finally had to walk into work in the snow for 20 mins after taking yesterday off sick. By “snow” in Vancouver I mean white stuff falling from the sky but it’s just mush by the time it hits the ground and will turn into rain within a day anyway….although we did have an unusually warm summer, perhaps this winter we’ll actually see some snow stick around. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for a city that’s supposed to host some winter olympics in 5 years and had to close their local ski hills early last year because well, no one wants to just ski on grass.

I’ve just been handed a pack of about 100 Christmas cards we’re sending out to clients, and we have to sign them all. Unfortunately I have one of the longest names in the office…and I’m left handed so it’ll just end up being a big ol’smudge on each card, that’s me.

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