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i can’t get my flickr badge to stay put where i want it so it’s gonna just hang out where it is for a while.

i was just checking out the Gemini Awards website to see if I missed anything Sunday night. Corner Gas won for Best Comedy, which isn’t really a surprise, it’s a great show. i noticed as well that a friend of my friend who hosts a show on CBC also won a Gemini… I guess we’re getting into awards season. I heard a crazy stat about award shows once – that there’s about 2-3 going on EACH week. That’s nuts. The only one I’ll really try to watch (since Ma usually has a lil party with snacks and stuff) is the Oscars.

When I was 15 I fell in love with Forrest Gump. I could recite the movie in my sleep, standing on my head chewing bubble gum. I just loved the character, Tom Hanks, his relationships with his Momma, Jenny, his son… I’m thinking about the lil speach he says to Jenny’s gravestone right now and I’m about to tear up. hehe. I worked at camp that summer. Everyday in the staff lounge I’d put up a new “Gumpism” on the chalkboard. You could say I was slightly obsessed. Movies have comesuch a long way even since Forrest – wow I guess that’s 10 years ago…gosh…

We never did see Harry Potter on Friday night – it was (of course) sold right out. I could have bought tickets online at work during the day, but there would have been mega-fees and stuff. I can wait and see it in a little bit. I think after Harry Potter the next one will be John Cusack’s new movie, the Ice Harvest. I believe his next one is currently being filmed in Vancouver – but then again, what ISNT these days.

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