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i heard the football scores on the radio this morning, colts beat the pats in foxborough. hehe i remember driving past the stadium or passing through there on the train to go visit my friend in Attleboro. i was never a football fan, i just remember being in boston and all the buses would have on their displays: route number, flash to ‘Go Pats Go’, route number.

nowadays you can see that on the snuggle buses’ displays in vancouver ‘Go Canucks Go’. now to explain the snuggle-bus. our complex in Watertown, MA had a shuttle bus. From Harvard Square, to Harvard Business School, down the street and over to the Arsenal complex. It was your typical little shuttle bus, although one of them in circulation had a TV on board… they were comperable to the new Community Shuttles in Vancouver. So everyone from the office complex, the mall, HBS would pack on there every couple of minutes and enjoy a squishy-bumpy ride to work. Hence the term snuggle-bus. Sometimes the driver would drop me off on Mt. Auburn, where there wasn’t a stop, and I would just walk home from there to my lil Aberdeen Street house. I miss the snuggle.

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  1. Mr SyoniFriday, November 11th, 2005 — 9:04pm PST

    And some days you’d avoid the snuggle and get a cozy warm ride in a nice blue Acura :p

  2. Miss604Sunday, November 13th, 2005 — 11:23pm PST

    can you fit your wife and kid in the car now? eep and the one on the way!

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