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clean your act up like your big brother bob

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i need a hair cut. it’s past the point of touching up, or trimming …or just styling, it’s pretty much out of necessity. i’ve never in my life grown my hair this long. it’s always started to annoy me, once it got to shoulder length. i thought i would try something different for a while, […]

i'm already feeling better

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Went out for dinner and drinks last night with my sister and her husband. Hon’s is a great place. We were discussing how there’s so much hustle and bustle, people everywhere, what would seem like chaos (with so many orders and the timeliness of each and so many people) but there isn’t… Someone is there […]

mr. naughty goes to town

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i’m tired and stressy and (yes i’ll say it) pms-y. work’s been so busy lately. for 5 years now i’ve worked in this business and EVERY quarter i get uber crazy busy. from 2000-2003 it was with Syoni/FDfn. Doing the webcasting of quarterly earnings conference calls (and various other fun public/financial things). Then with another […]

grizzly bears near Polaski's candy store

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It’s already that time of year – snowboarding season! now i already went into why i wouldn’t be calling it ski season… apparently this is the earliest the local mountains (namely Cypress) have opened in several decades. that’s amazing, seeing as how they all closed early last year, i think in december, because there was […]

the curious george store

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i heard the football scores on the radio this morning, colts beat the pats in foxborough. hehe i remember driving past the stadium or passing through there on the train to go visit my friend in Attleboro. i was never a football fan, i just remember being in boston and all the buses would have […]