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I’m sorry but NASHVILLE has more points that the Canucks?! Another “battle” (and I use the term loosely) against the Avs tonight. Canucks have been SLAUGHTERED (in the first period alone) by the Avs in all recent encounters. Their first periods are horrible, they’re slow and ‘lazy’… Clouts is out (quelle surprise) with an injury …Linden isn’t performing as well as anyone hoped — although give the guy a break, he was under a lot of pressure last year, leading NHLPA talks etc. There’s a buzz around town today – trades…shake up the team.. even talk about bumping the coach – whoa whoa… thems are some pretty drastic measures, and well we’re not the worst team in the league, actually we’re on top of our division..it’s just that we’re on this slippery downslope and this run with the Avs ain’t helping much at all. We’ll have to keep our ears to the ground on this one and hope the team can turn it around – although i dont think we’ll have to be listening that hard if ANYTHING happens to Linden – he’s Vancouver’s player. Vancouver won’t let him go :p
In other news, Lolo and Chris have started playing Christmas music at work. Chris just played a Death Cab for Cutie xmas cover from the third album of the “Maybe this Christmas” compilations – which can be found here… look Jen – Damien Rice 😉

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