mr. naughty goes to town

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i’m tired and stressy and (yes i’ll say it) pms-y. work’s been so busy lately. for 5 years now i’ve worked in this business and EVERY quarter i get uber crazy busy. from 2000-2003 it was with Syoni/FDfn. Doing the webcasting of quarterly earnings conference calls (and various other fun public/financial things). Then with another lil webcasting company in 2004, and 2004-present i’m with a news release company. Not doing the webcasts anymore, just getting closer to the source. getting the news before it’s news. most of the time it’s pretty darn fun, other times it’s heart-stoppingly painful and tiring.

i was just helping GusGus with his ipod Nano. he needed to reset it and it’s being all strange to him. Lolo just got a blue mini and BBoy got his nano the same time GusGus got his. We’re an ipod office. Our music selections are diverse and the moment there’s a silence someone’s ready to queue up a song they’ve been dying to play all day while someone else was broadcasting their playlist.

BBoy has some pretty good taste in music, i think he got Lolo hooked on the Dandy Warhols and Nada Surf. And that’s tough to do since she’s usually got 50s music and Backstreet Boys playing. Others in the office (whose names rhyme with Narc) like to play anything from Iron Maiden to Paul Simon to Sade….all within a 45 minute time frame. That’s a lil too “varied” for me, especially at 8 o’clock in the morning, sorry :p

~Names have been changed to protect the innocent, apologies to
Gus for the non-creative alias, but that’s just what Lolo and I call him anyway 😉

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