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Halloween was fun. remember when halloween used to be spelled “Hallowe’en”? Anyone? Weird…

The next “holiday” of sorts is Remembrance Day. It’s not so much a holiday holiday as a stat-holiday; we wear poppies, talk about war, remember WWI, WWII things and people and places… elementary school students will be reciting ‘In Flanders Field’.

I remember when the “new” 10 dollar bill came out with the poem printed on it. Everyone (including myself) thought it had a typo: “In Flanders Field the poppies grow between the crosses row on row”. Although on the bill it says blow. What an outrage. Turns out – “we” were all wrong and the note was right. Blow. Go figure.

Now I didn’t have any relatives fight in the “great wars” for Canada… they actually were on opposing sides, Axis and Allies, on sides fighting over the same continent. I won’t get too much into world history or politics. I just know that I would really like to pick my Oma’s brain about her time spent during those years. I have a 20 page document from her niece, which is almost precisely that. I just have to find a translator.

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