i'm already feeling better

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Went out for dinner and drinks last night with my sister and her husband. Hon’s is a great place. We were discussing how there’s so much hustle and bustle, people everywhere, what would seem like chaos (with so many orders and the timeliness of each and so many people) but there isn’t… Someone is there right away to pour you some tea, you order and within a few mins all of your dishes are sitting in front of you. Not sure who our actual waitress is or how our order got to the kitchen. All we know is that it will be correct, yummy, hot and very delicious every time.

It’s Jen’s bday soon so we were thinking of places to go…I ought to think of something really nice and lovely for her since she always organizes something for my bday. She likes planning surprises or events or little things that make you feel so special. Have I mentioned she’s a fantastic mom?

I can’t head into town to see her or my family tonight (not even the lil kiddies) because I’m on call for work. Oh well, it’s a lump of extra cash in my pocket and I’m sure I’ll catch them all next week. Same time, same place, good food and family. Seems like I don’t always have to travel back into my hometown to find that, sometimes… all that just comes to me.

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