hey now now we're going down down

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using song lyrics for a post title, not original – but this song is stuck in my head so it’s all i could come up with.

I just changed banks. It was a pretty bold maneuver on my part. Yep, saying goodbye to the financial institution that’s treated me like crap since my parents opened my account in 1985. Even after paying off a $17,000 care loan in its entirety, they had the nerve to ask me for a co-signer for my new car. also, after 20 years of banking there was still a hold on my checks and don’t get me started on the ‘customer service’ or lack thereof. But that should all be over now. The new place seems to be quite fantastic. I won’t have to go back to Surrey anymore for banking either – yeehaw!

Speaking of which, I’d like to thank Vancouver for treating this lil Surrey-girl so well (ya ya ya hold off on the jokes!) but Surrey will always be my home. Home of Surrey Minor Hockey, the Little League World Series-worthy Whalley team, previously Canada’s largest vacant office space, car theft capital of North America, QE Royals, West Whalley Trojans – now the Kwantlen Park Coyotes, The Rodeo Drive-In, The Round-Up Cafe, Tynehead Park (and hundreds of others), Strawberry Hill Cinemas (still the best around), and my family. Good luck to Surrey with their new Mayor, Diane Watts. My sister said she’s decent so that’s all I have to base my opinion on. I think if McCallum got in again they’d be putting in an 80-storey tower on King George in the near future. Hm …yeah…. Vancouver also has a new mayor, Sam Sullivan. It’ll be tough to fill Larry Campbell’s shoes (aka DaVinci hehe) but let’s see what he can do, eh?

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    Hi. I have a new blog of cartoontype sillyness if you’d like to give it a look. It is’nt normal.

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