clean your act up like your big brother bob

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i need a hair cut. it’s past the point of touching up, or trimming …or just styling, it’s pretty much out of necessity. i’ve never in my life grown my hair this long. it’s always started to annoy me, once it got to shoulder length. i thought i would try something different for a while, and a while turned out to be a couple years. not that it’s been a couple years since my last cut, but a couple years since my last ‘i can’t take it anymore take off 5 inches!’ cut.
getting away to ‘america’ with my sis tonight. going to bellis fair to pay off our debts at victoria’s secret. we’re suckers for all the selection, the low prices and things that just tend to fit like a glove. not to mention the selection!! it’s really tough to find ‘good’ things to wear. we’re just waiting for the greater Seattle area or even Vancouver to get an H&M. Cheap, comfy, mmmm.

we’re not TOTALLY fashion crazy. if it’s in style we won’t wear it JUST BECAUSE it’s in style even though it’s ugly. don’t get me started on Ugg boots or Lululemon pants AHHH! We wear it because it’s comfy, looks good, is in style and well, it looks good. why wear something because it’s JUST ‘in style’ but is completely hideous and is totally unflattering? ie. robin hood/pirate boots over top of your skin tight tapered jeans, which makes ya look like a lumpy golf tee – your upper torso and head being the ball! Ahem…anyway….

best look ever that will never go outta style? t-shirt and favourite pair of jeans. amen.

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