check your coat and your liver

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i must be getting old… i slept in a little (or was it that i just took a lil extra time getting ready this morning, either way) i took the bus into work. down robson, turn onto granville and voila. as we’re turning the corner onto Granville i started thinking about all the night clubs. being in a night club after the ugly lights come on is like watching a movie and then the set/backdrop is removed and you’re not actually on the French Riviera, you’re in Studio B and there’s Bob the gaffer over there eating a donut.

Not to say clubs on granville compare to the French riviera… but I was thinking, while on the bus, which is why i started writing this, i was thinking…imagine being a club owner… you have this nice lil place, you stock it full of booze and nummy things, you want people to come over and play and then they just flood the bathroom and vomit everywhere and leave it all for you to clean up at the end of the night. gosh, i mean really. although i’m sure most club owners are more than happy to sell booze to 16 year olds and fill them with so much that they vomit everywhere…because the $$ coming in from sales is sure enough to cover the carpet cleaning expenses. but it’s just the principle of the thing eh? come here! have fun! intoxicate yourself to the point of tummy-contents-hurling, thanks for stopping by! Let me clean that all up and have this all ready for you again next week 😀

wow, club bashing….i am getting old….

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