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I was only in London for 3 days in the fall of 2003. I was living in Boston (London Junior) and ‘crossed the pond’ to visit Michelle, who had been living there several months, working at the BBC. I walked around for hours on end every day in the rain with no umbrella and no where in particular to go, really.

I used to think that there were a lot of Starbucks in Vancouver (one every block including two across from each other on Robson and Thurlow) . But honestly, in London… there were a lot of Starbucks. Michelle’s flat-mates worked at the locations nearest to their home and while I was there I got to go to the Christmas party. It was a really interesting time.

Her roommate Sabrina took me out one day to Camden Market and to Hampstead to a Danish Market. It was a lot to fit into 3 days, but honestly I had no plans whatsoever, Michelle worked all day, so I was an empty slate ready to participate in whatever adventure arose. We also went to see a movie (which didn’t actually come to North America until the following year). I had no idea what it was but by the end I couldn’t believe she took me to that. 28 Days later was a lil bloody.

One of the best parts of the trip? Flying Virgin Airlines. I booked my trip on a whim and left Thanksgiving day. Virgin had the cheapest flight and at the best time and MAN it’s totally the best airline EVER – popsicles mmm.

Why am I talking about London? Jen just got back and Mom’s still over in Europe. I’d like to go back again some time…I’d like to go many places. My passport needs more stamps.

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